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The Tarbiyah Institute offers unique, educational experiences for children and adults. We are dedicated to providing resources and services to individuals, communities and organizations in the greater Seattle area and beyond. The Tarbiyah Institute is a not-for-profit organization created by Muslim education specialists. We are dedicated to providing resources and services to educators, students, families and communities.


Our Vision

To build strong and collaborative partnerships with families and organizations who want to create, transform, enhance Islamic education programs based on The Tarbiyah Project.

We facilitate educational experiences based on the Qur’anic worldview, encompassing all types of learning, in order to develop critical minds, conscious hearts, healthy bodies and compassionate human beings; learning that will support the lifelong journey to embody the values of the Holy Qur’an.

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Timothy McCarthy

425-241-4624 (pacific time zone)

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The Mission

To provide guidance and an environment that recognizes the learner's fitrah (innate nature), nurtures taqwa (God consciousness), and cultivates students who strive to become Abd of Allah (Servants of Allah) and are prepared to serve humanity - based on the pedagogy of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

•To emphasize holistic learning of useful knowledge which addresses the collective needs of the community and the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and practical needs of all learners

•To encourage development of a distinctive Islamic personality, support transformative growth and the skills to navigate through life as a positive contributing member of family, community and world
•Striving toward Tawhid-centered learning, recognizing unity through concept integration

•To utilize educational practices rooted in the Sunna – reinforced with empirical research

•To promote educational excellence through observation, documentation, individualization, assessment, reflection and meaningful feedback to enhance learning

Our Guiding Principles

Teachers, students and parents are life-long learners who are empowered to make requests for support needed to maximize our potential and thrive.

We are responsible towards our Creator and committed to understanding our responsibilities as Muslims with regard to making personal and social choices and to the preparation for the next life.

We value respectful – non-coercive communication of the teachings of Islam and all forms of knowledge in an inspiring, creative, developmental, purposeful and logical manner.

We care about fulfilling our purpose and about how we do it, especially our impact on the lives of all constituents of the organization (staff, students, parents, local/global communities and the environment). We use the Shura method of collaborative decision making and conflict resolution. We are committed to dignity, equality, cooperation, inclusivity, transparency, compassion, peace and justice – in the classroom, school, home and world.

Tarbiyah is an Arabic term with a deeply rich meaning. It means "to cause something to develop from stage to stage until reaching its completion [full potential]. This implies that the fitrah (intrinsic nature) already exists within a person and that education is a process of unfolding and bringing out, more than a process of instilling and pouring in. It addresses the heart, mind, body, and soul of a learner - recognizing Allah is at the center of all learning experiences.


Education for Total Human Development - We weave educational aims and methodology from the holistic Islamic tradition with the best practices of contemporary education.

Our comprehensive approach includes support for: all learning styles, all ages, all places (home, school, mosque, organization).

  • Workshops for Teachers/Parents

  • Education Consultation

  • Curriculum Development

  • Growing Learning Communities


Curriculum and tarbiyah are two halves of one whole. The Tarbiyah Institute provides a framework that is a interweaving of Quranic Worldview, academics and life skills - which a learning community may build upon. Tarbiyah Pedagogy guides how the curriculum is determined, developed, delivered and assessed.

The Tarbiyah Project Framework is used as our guide to customize and enrich the local curriculum goals of each community:

  • Spiritual Literacy- Tawhid

  • Moral Literacy- Tazkiyah

  • Intellectual Literacy- Hikmah

  • Physical Literacy- Istiqamah

  • Interpersonal Literacy- Ihsan

  • Cultural Literacy- Deen

  • Social Literacy- Amanah